Thursday, April 04, 2013

Women spend 474 days of their lives applying make-up!

A survey, which was commissioned by Harley Street beauty clinic Specialist Make-up Services, showed that women spend three hours and 19 minutes every week applying make-up, the Daily Mail reported.

On average, the women in the survey said that they took 14.5 minutes on their weekday make-up routine, 24 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday, and just over once a week spent 76 minutes getting ready for a big night out.
Women also confessed that most time consuming part of their make-up was the eye area as applying mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and grooming the eyebrows took 17 minutes alone when preparing for a night out, nearly 25 per cent of the total time spent.

if that happens in the UK...i guess it will be double the time for us here...our ladies abi? 


  1. very long time wasted!na wa

  2. Girls Oh!!!funny!

  3. Girls Oh!!!funny!

  4. yes thats why we are ladies

    1. you are right beauty

  5. We have to look good,its allowed.I do only light makeup


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