Friday, December 30, 2016

Why i prefer Get Help Worldwide!

You must have heard about the help site Get Help Worldwide and how it has been changing lives...well you heard right, the site has been a blessing to many and is putting up more strategies to impact more lives!

you can create an account here

so why do i like this platform? well its simply because it has very strict rules and regulations that will ensure its sustainability.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Everything you need to know about Get Help Worldwide


How does it work technically? 

You declare the willingness to Give Help (click on "Provide Help"), type in the amount you wish to Provide as Help either in your Local Currency on in Bitcoin after which your account will be rewarded with One Time Registration Bonus (depending on amount of Help Provided). 

Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online at the rate of 30% for Local Currency or 50% for Bitcoin in 30 days, while you remain with your money till you are paired with who you will donate directly to. 

In GHW, you will be able to see picture of who you are donating to with their Country. Your Yield amount and date shows you Amount you can request on the 30th day and the date of Maturity. Say you have announced willingness to assist with $ 100 in Bitcoin, they will immediately start growing! By 50% in 30days, this $100 will become $150 in Bitcoin, if you declare willingness to give 1,000 in your Local currency (30% growth) in 30 Days it will become 1,300 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Jose Mourinho launches his own children’s cartoon

‘Jose Mourinho and the Special Ones’ is set to hit screens in Portugal in the coming days, with the Chelsea manager giving the green light to the programme.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Woman swallows cellphone to cover-up cheating!

A 19 year old woman swallows her cell phone to avoid being caught cheating.

Austin Jay Jay Okocha and the Nollywood connection!

Football legend Austin Jay Jay Okocha is currently producing a movie about reggae star Majek Fashek. 

“Civilian JTF” ask for monthly allowance

Vigilantes popularly known as “Civilian JTF” yesterday appealed to the Borno Government to facilitate the payment of monthly allowances to them to encourage their activities.
Some of the members told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Maiduguri that the gesture would boost their morale in ensure security in the state.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Coup in Boko Haram as Shekau is Toppled by His Lieutenants

The Osama bin Laden of Northern Nigeria, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, has apparently been deposed by members of his own terrorist group, Boko Haram, as prelude to peace negotiations with the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ladies would you rock this?

Fashion is going hay-wire, when i saw this picture i couldn't help but wonder...can ladies really wear something like this out?

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

OJB JEZREEL to hold press conference today

Singer and Music Producer OJB JEZREEL will hold a Press Confernce later today to answer Questions from Newsmen on the state of affairs with him and all that concerns him...
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