Thursday, April 04, 2013

Question of the day

i got this from a special reader:


I just saw your blog and you encouraged that we email you and express ourselves.

Well,I just want to say that i love my boyfriend very much!  

Rabboni X, pls do u have any new ideas as to how I be the best girlfriend in the whole world to him.  

...i personally think she should just keep trying to be there for him....guys are really easy to impress ;-)

so friends what's your advice for her?


  1. she sounds like a good girl so the guy probably thinks shes the best already,listen to the vibes he sends and act on them.thats what i do with mine,noone is complaining yet so maybe that works

  2. Hmm, yes I agree with you Ella.I bet he loves her like crazy too. Love is such a beautiful thing! :) she should just keep being herself.

  3. I agree,both correct

  4. just be yourself,be real,dont pretend and he would love you for who you are

  5. You can be the best girlfriend in the whole world to him that if he wants you to be that best girl. just be real and be yourself.


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