Thursday, April 04, 2013

England has slums too!

i saw pictures of some really horrible looking areas and they say its in England!

shocked! *bb surprised face*

The pictures show East Jaywick in Essex - England's most deprived place, according to the Government’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation. It is mainly home to temporary chalets built by businessman Frank Stedman, who bought marshes there in 1928 hoping to create a holiday village.

Jaywick, the down-at-heel suburb of nearby Clacton, was ranked as the most deprived of all 32,482 small wards in England and Wales. It also has the greatest number of young people not in employment, education or training, with one third claiming Jobseeker's Allowance...

do i hear some say Ajegunle? :-)


  1. is this real?wow

  2. i am shocked too!!!

  3. are you for real?

  4. Looks like Ikoyi.


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