Friday, April 19, 2013


I have been going on and on with my sugar (that’s my girlfriend) about getting me to cook myself some home meals…
but for a young busy Engineer my fastest option has always been to pop into a fast food joint and get myself a meal. Apart from the fact that this option is fast it also takes care of the plenty cleaning up and dish washing I would have had to do if I did the I just tell myself don’t worry even if the food is expensive you are also paying for the stress involved in doing all the extra work that comes with home cooking, besides that, I really love eating out.

Well it’s been weeks of eating out and I didn't really find it fun anymore, that and the fact that it was digging a big hole in my finances; so I got more motivation from my sugar (she’s some states away) and decided to do some cooking! Yippee!
Any hesitation was further driven far by the thought of an incident that took place some weeks earlier….i was in Ceddi plaza (that’s in Abuja) with my brother and we wanted to do lunch so we just popped into one of the food joints there, we ordered our food and got down to the business of devouring it when out of nowhere we heard screams from  a couple sited a few tables away, the screams didn't stop there,it gradually went from table to table until it was our table’s turn, then we saw it!

 A giant rat was busy strolling from table to table; it was bad enough we saw a big rat (the size of a puppy!!!) what was even worse was that a guy ran out of the kitchen to see why people were screaming, that he did see and being armed only with cutlery from the kitchen he proceeded directly in using them as weapons to chase the rat…

so there we were surprised at the sight of a rat and this guy was busy throwing forks and spoons at it trying to kill it with it! The same forks and spoons we might use to eat later?! OMG!

Anyways back to my story, having received enough motivation I got everything I needed, went into the kitchen and made me my meal...and no it wasn't the normal guy’s mixture of food that comes out barely edible…it was a sweet sweet meal. I can proudly say on a scale of 1-10, I’ll grade me a strong standing 8!

So here I am well fed and blabbing about food when I should be scanning through the net for news and stories, I guess I’m just high on Good food, lol

Homemade meals are really the best though...I hope I can sustain it!


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