Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tuface and his many Gifts: the Naija Connection

OK just after the whole storm blew past about the Governor Akpabio car gift another one is rearing its head...if you haven't gotten the BB broadcast message or seen the facebook post just hold on a few minutes i can bet you'll get it soon...
It gives an absurd comparison between the senate president's gift and some bill for unemployed graduates...

oh well i guess u expect me to put out the message here but I'll beg for you forgiveness because i personally think it should be classed amongst the ''stupidest'' messages i have ever received,SO ITS COMING NOWHERE NEAR THIS BLOG!

It really makes me wonder about the Nigerian Youth...First you get a message and even without verification you quickly send it out,i should even say without thinking!

First things first the car obviously didn't cost that much as a simple Google search will show you how much the car cost! type price of ''Chevy Corvette'' in any search engine and the prices will pop up!

Secondly average parents buy their children cars as wedding gifts so i really don't see why tuface who has consistently brought fame and popularity to Nigeria for over 10 years shouldn't get a car gift as wedding present (the guy don try we suppose happy for am,nor be to wan spoil his shine!)

Thirdly a senate president doesn't have the singular authority to reject a bill! it must have been done with the votes of the larger majority of the house!

I can go on and on but i'll just say Nigerians please use your head before you send out any more messages...doesn't really tell well of people who have received some form of education!

We should channel our energies in fishing out contractors who haven't delivered in the roads,water and power sectors...these are sectors that can change the livelihood of the common man....

P.s below is the latest version of the car and its no where near 47 million!


  1. Na wa!story story!

  2. Abdulquadri Rashidah18 April 2013 at 16:11

    Seriously poverty has really made even the educated ones illiterate,whenever you hear or read anything we should try to verify first before making a mountain out of a mole hill...But our leaders too should pedal softly,pass laws that would be of benefit to the masses.Thanks.


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