Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally!Something for the men...Artificial Sperm!

Day in Day out we hear different new products being developed for ladies...we have seen artificial hair, artificial eye lashes,artificial boobs and butt...recently we even saw the artificial hips or shape thing! the list is endless...and in all this time the men have been silent,no on knew the Japanese were up to something!

Well they finally came out with a product that would rival all the female artificial stuff!yes they brought Artificial SPERM!!!!lol,funny as it may sound its actually true

here is a cut out from the story on vanguard reported by Sola Ogundipe

''The breakthrough research by the Asian scientists, led by Professor
 Mitinori Saitou from the Kyoto University, is published  as an
 abstract in the journal Cell,, entitled: “Reconstitution of the Mouse Germ Cell Specification Pathway in Culture by Pluripotent Stem Cells”.

They then transplanted them into the testicles of infertile mice,
 after which the cells produced normal-looking sperm. The mature sperm cells were used to fertilize eggs and produced healthy, fertile offspring.

These findings will encourage further research into the process of how primordial germ cells develop, something that has been difficult to investigate because these cells don’t grow in vitro.

Whether future findings eventually will lead to new discoveries in
 human fertility remains a question. Human and mouse embryonic stem cells have different properties and any research of this kind with human stem cells will of course become an ethical issue as well''

soon i guess men will have something artificial to flaunt....:-)

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  1. hahahahaha,i love the way you write!


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