Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Whats popping?

Hi all, wishing you all a happy new month...May you receive all your heart desires this month and always...

So whats popping at your end?

Well at my end, i just started a new shift at work and have been crazily busy (and yes i work on holidays too :-( ), i hope no one missed me too much. i will get back to full blogging as soon as i can help it but for now i must stay busy saving the world, lol

My special thanks to all who sent me mails and all who visit this blog from all over the world! (and yes you too in south Korea!). Keep the love flowing...

Cya soon


  1. My day was ok,I did a lot of resting.then cooked and watched was a great holiday

  2. I am lonely that's what's popping


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